A Day at The St Louis Zoo

St Louis not only has one of the premier Zoo’s in America it is also one of the very few that is still totally free.  Zoos’ are one place which is flocked by children and adults alike. The Saint Louis Zoo is one of the said zoos which is always crowded with people of all ages.

Situated in the Heart of St. Louis’s Forest Park, the zoo covers a vast area of 90 acres where it features a number of animals and exhibits. Tourist from all parts of the world visits the St. Louis zoo to marvel at the diversity and the variety of exhibits and species it offers for viewing.

St. Louis aims to connect people and animals with their guided tours, detailed information boards and specialized exhibits for all kinds of various animals.  Also, their efforts for conserving wildlife are not to be looked over.


St Louis Zoo Arial view



At St. Louis Zoo, there are almost 17,000+ animals, 500+ various species and 15 chief exhibit areas which one can visit and connect with the animals. St. Louis Zoo is divided over multiple enclosures which highlight the uniqueness while showcasing the stars of various enclosures. Species found at St. Louis Zoo are not found at any other zoo that too at all in one place.


  • The Wild:

Features penguins, flamingos, and even a polar bear along with bigger primates like chimpanzees and gorillas.

  • Historic Hill:

A path winding around Herpetarium, Chain of lakes, Birdhouse, Bird garden, Primate House and Peabody Hall.

  • Lakeside Crossing:

Get your refreshments while viewing Sea Lions and other water species which are right there on the lake.

  • Red Rocks:

All your wild cats are showcased here along with Zebras, Giraffes and many more which are further divided in Big Cat County and Antelope Area enclosure.

  • Discovery Corner:

Emerson Children’s Zoo is the feature of this zone including butterflies, goats, meerkats and a range of insects to amaze the children.

  • River’s Edge:

Elephants, Bears, Rhino, Hyenas and other many animals are showcased here.


Forest Park St Louis



Some of the animals that St. Louis Zoo showcases are now endangered or rare therefore St. Louis plays a major role in protecting and conserving the wildlife.  St. Louis Zoo is renowned for its efforts and innovative steps to research, education, wildlife conservation, and animal management as well.

St. Louis’s WildCare Institute especially focuses on the mentioned cause so that they can play a vital role in the rival and recovery of the endangered animals.


Other than the St. Louis Zoo, Forest Park houses museums and theater as well. The best part about everything in place is that one does not have to travel a lot and they all are free to the public.


St. Louis Zoo has events happening on the grounds all around the year. You can visit the zoo when visiting the Forest park or pre-plan your day according to the event you want to attend.

Visit St. Louis Zoo to connect with all the animals they showcase while enjoying the range of attractions they offer.