Night Life on The Loop In St Louis

There is a thriving nightlife on  Delmar loop in St Louis many famous bars and things to do the Delmar Loop, commonly known as the loop, is one of USA’s top street to be at. Flocked and scattered with a shocking 145 shops, restaurants, galleries, and other various entertainment this is one street which has it all at a walking distance. You can enter and exit a number of places while covering them all in a day or even more depends on the amount of time you spend at every place.

The Delmar Loop is the hub of all major entertainment and cultural activities along with notable restaurants making it a separate district in the University City of St. Louis. It has a variety of attractions which will leave you in awe and trap you with its charm and charisma.

Delmar Loop Sign St Louis



Delmar Loop of St. Louis is the hub of all entertainment has one hell of a nightlife. With a range of restaurants and shops which are open pretty much all day and night, how can one expect a lack of nightlife?

Not only that there is a diversity of open bars which feature live music performances, notably The Pageant, along with the free flow of alcohol which sets the mood of the nightlife as one filled with fun, entertainment and laughter.

Music can be heard from miles away being blared from various outlets and buildings. Even the restaurants do not hold back going all out with the boisterous music and lively atmosphere.


Anybody and everybody who is at Delmar loop or in St. Louis know the significance of Blueberry Hill located on the Delmar Loop and how it is a standing legend for the community.

It is the most notable landmark which is visited by crowds of tourists every year to bask in the environment and the life at Blueberry Hill. A restaurant and music club all combined into one is jam-packed with pop culture memorabilia. It features live music all night long by local bands of St. Louis and surrounding areas.

If you are planning a private party, Blueberry Hill even offers private rooms for that for 30 – 300 guests. All you will have to do is reserve the room and plan your party accordingly.




Other than enjoying the music you can indulge in scrumptious meals at Blueberry Hill as well. Being the ‘IT place’ of St. Louis, Blueberry offer a variety of meals to choose from starring in their menu. From a variety of appetizers to get you started to juicy grilled to perfection burgers you get it all. They even have soups and vegetarian options.


Blueberry Hill features a dart room as well where you can show off your skills at the dartboard while having a drink in your hand and having fun with your friends. On Wednesdays, the players can join the league and even get free pitchers of beer on certain rounds.