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Exterior House Painting 101

Curb appeal is an important element in determining the aesthetic value of the exterior of any home, and one of the best ways to ensure that your home’s exterior earns an A+ aesthetically is to have the right exterior paint color, especially for your home’s exterior trim. While finding a primary color for your home’s exterior may be easy and not necessarily require professional help, finding the perfect exterior color for your exterior trim can be a more daunting task.

The wrong exterior color for your exterior trim can ruin the curb appeal of your home and the perfect color can leave passersby gawking at you home in admiration. As experts in exterior house painting in all of St. Louis, Guardian Painting Pros has years of experience with providing homeowners the perfect color for their home’s exterior trim.

The best paint color for your exterior trim completely depends on the theme you choose to work with. However, exterior trims could come in bold or neutral colors or have high or low contrast.

Low Contrast

If you want exterior house painting with low contrast, then your siding and trims will most likely blend together or be subtly different. This is achieved via painting the entire exterior of your home in the same color or using a muted color on your home’s trim. For low contrast, it is best to work with colors within the same hue range or color family. For instance, grey sidings with taupe trims will create a beautiful exterior with low contrast.

High Contrast

If you are opting for an exterior house painting with high contrast, then you may want to work with colors that pop. For instance, white or off-white colored trims will pop brilliantly against woodsy green sidings. This will give your home a unique and fresh attractiveness.

Neutral Colors

If you are looking for a subtle yet effective way to up your curb appeal, then painting your exterior trim in neutral colors is an excellent option for you. These are perfect if you do not want to create a harsh contrast on your homes exterior.

Bold Colors

If you want your home to stand out among other homes in St. Louis then you will have to take your exterior home painting game up several notches. Try out painting your exterior trim in bold colors such as red or black and you’ll be surprised at how much difference just the exterior trim makes to your whole home.

Other amazing colors you can paint your exterior trim in include;


Gray is a classic exterior color that not only works for sidings but also the exterior trim of your home. Gray colored trim works well with darker hues such as brown black or beige.


White is probably one of the most criminally overused colors for exterior house painting, especially for exterior trims. From bright white to off-white, this classic color works with just about any exterior house color.


Just like white, painting the exterior trim of your home in black works well with just about any other color you can think of.

If you are looking to spice up your curb appeal, don’t hesitate to reach out to us; we strive to be the best choice for your project.  For Exterior House Painting in St. Louis and metro area give us a call.


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