The Hill and Italian Cuisine

If you are looking for Italy in America then look no further than The Hill in south St. Louis. Started off by the Italian immigrants The Hill has grown into one of the most prominent neighborhoods of St. Louis. At the present time, The Hill houses the majority of American Italians who own a range of Italian restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores making the neighborhood a go-to place when anyone is looking for the most authentic Italian food.

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The name itself emerged from its geo-location since it is situated on a hill in St. Louis.


As mentioned, the community is mainly made up of tight-knit immigrants who are Italian and are very welcoming and lively. They light up the St. Louis’s society with their joyous and festive personalities making life full of colors and energized. The community supports itself and approves small businesses.


The Hill due to its Italian roots is famous for everything Italian! Especially the restaurants, taverns and the bars since they are always full of life and crowded with people from all walks of life.
Along with that, tourist is attracted to the hill due to its historic roots as well. There is a number of architecture locations which one can visit to soak up and get familiar with the Italian roots and vibes that can be felt all around the Hill in St. Louis.


The Hill is known as the top city when it comes to nightlife even surpassing Vegas. The community and the tourist alike love to party as soon as the sun goes down. The bottles and music are brought out along with a number of street performers and even flash mob performances.
To keep up with the nightlife the bars and the taverns play the most significant role. There is a variety of breweries, pubs along with music venues and a long list of bars.


Tony's on the Hill St Louis



The Hill offers a variety of restaurants dating back to the early settlement but has evolved according to time making sure that they keep up with the trend and the interior of the eateries and bars as well.

Some of the best restaurants that are worth trying at the Hill in St. Louis are:

  1. Peno
  2. Cibare Italian Kitchen
  3. Pastaria
  4. Mama’s on the Hill
  5. Eleven Eleven Mississipi

Other than the mentioned restaurants, there are many others which you can select while you are in St. Louis, The Hill. Sit down and indulge in the authentic Italian food along with a glass of wine or any drink that you like.

The Hill is a perfect neighborhood for you is you are one of those people who enjoy staying up at night and are a night owl. You will not run out of things to do while you are at The Hill since one thing or another will be happening right around the corner to trap you in its charm.